Take an Ikarian Hour

What’s an Ikarian Hour? My t-shirt pretty well sums in up — “Don’t hurry, be happy”. I just returned from hosting an Active Travel & Longevity Tour of Greece, a total of 10 days (with 6 of those spent on the amazing Eastern Aegean island of Ikaria). And while some of this post may be personal, if– read more about Take an Ikarian Hour –

How Boomers Should Exercise

High intensity interval training. P90X. Crossfit and Orangetheory. When it comes to exercise, these popular routines have their advantages and appeal. If you’re a baby boomer, you might ask yourself if these protocols are appropriate for your body. They’re a little bit like driving a car at high speed. Have an accident, and you may end up– read more about How Boomers Should Exercise –

Something Better than Willpower

There are three requirements that you need to take charge of your health: The Right Mindset Correct Knowledge An Appropriate Plan This post briefly covers the first requirement (mindset). We can break things down further into three more criteria: The Right Mindset Desire to Learn and Take Action Willingness to Start Today Willpower Assuming you’ve got the desire to learn, and assuming– read more about Something Better than Willpower –

Pumpkin Spice Protein Snack

It’s October, and almost everything is pumpkin spiced. From yogurt to coffees, there’s no escaping it. Of course, most of these flavoured treats have several things in common — they usually don’t contain any pumpkin, they’re overly sweet, and they offer little in the way of nutrition. So here’s my muscle building pumpkin-spice entry for the season…– read more about Pumpkin Spice Protein Snack –

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