Monthly Archive: June 2019

Consistency beats Everything

One thing I’ve learned about getting results – is that consistency beats everything else. Just showing up is the best thing you can do to move yourself forward.


Work the Basics

These days I’m training the basics. There is little fancy or novel in my exercises of choice, but I’m getting the workouts done. It’s tempting to spend your time worrying about finding the “best” program or jumping from one workout trend to the next, but I’d suggest those efforts are not practical. Don’t worry about over analyzing everything. Put one foot in front of the other and get started.

If you are begining a training routine, think of performing a basic movement for each muscle group several times per week. Full body workouts work well for beginners. Try and incorporate all of the movement patterns in your workout. Those will include an upper body push, an upper body pull, a squat and a hip hinging movement.

I’m following a two-day split routine myself, in order to develop the muscles with more work (volume and resistance). Since gymastics and skill-based work is out of the question for me temporarily due to injury, the split allows me to get enough rest and recuperation to push hard.

My split divedes upper body exercises (both pulling and pushing) with lower body exercises (including squatting and hip hinging). It’s an intense routine that trains each muscle group twice per week. Rather than using the same exercises for a muscle group both times I work it in a given week, I’m using different movements. This keeps things fresh and adds variety – but all exercises are still basics. Basics build muscle best.

This approach is a bit different to the programming I provide for my clients at the StrengthBox. It’s unique to my goals right now (rebuilding muscle post-injury while avoiding explosive and plyometric moves that might set me back), but I am working in some conditioning with combination training.

Get Started Now

If you’re in a rut or are switching from program to program – consider stripping away everything that’s non-essential. Keep your program short. Work on the basic movement patterns. Get started and keep going.

Who’s with me?