Monthly Archive: August 2018

Lift STRONG and StrengthBox Challenge

Last weekend I drove from Toronto to the Jersey Shore on the east coast of the US. My destination was the Manasquan Underground Strength Gym, a facility owned by fellow coach and all-round inspiration Zach Even-Esh.

I was to compete in a strength competition called Lift Strong, which doubled as a fundraiser for the Navy Seal Foundation and Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

The drive turned out to be as challenging as the event due to the torrential rains and flash flooding through Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but thankfully I arrived safely and got just enough sleep to be able to perform the following day.

While I didn’t place in the top 3, I was very pleased with my overall effort. My deadlift was the heaviest I had ever successfully attempted at 505 pounds. That feat alone made the entire weekend worthwhile.

In a similar spirit, I’m hosting a strength competition here in Toronto later this month — also for charity.

StrengthBox Challenge

We’re raising money for ProAction Cops and Kids, an independent organization that teams police officers with at-risk youth. Police work directly with kids, coaching them in sports teams, organizing other sporting activities such as mountain biking and adventure racing. For the youth involved, it gives them a chance at a better future and builds mutual understanding and respect.

With the recent gang and gun activity in Toronto, I feel this cause can have a far-reaching positive effect.

Here are the details of the event:

StrengthBox Challenge

Saturday, August 25th at 10:00am

StrengthBox – 5-45 Cranfield Road, East York, Toronto

Registration at the door starting at 9:30am

Suggested donation: $20 or more. Cash or cheque made out to ProAction Cops & Kids.

We’re doing three events that day:


Deadlift 1 Rep-Max

Tire Flips (360 pounds) x 30 seconds

Max Strict Pushups & Max Pullups (no rest, cumulative total)

The more people who show up, the more money we will raise.

But if you’re not local or can’t attend this event in person (spectators are certainly welcome), you can still support the cause.

If you aren’t attending the event in person, please consider supporting the cause by clicking here. 

Enter an amount to donate, then under DESIGNATION, choose “StrengthBox Challenge Event Donation”.  Tax receipts will be available for donations over $20.00.

I can’t stress enough how much your support means to me. ProAction Cops & Kids is dependent entirely on donations, and I truly believe in the cause. I’ve seen how much influence the program can have on young minds in person.

Let’s drive this one through the roof!