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Become a Better Belly Breather

Belly Breathing

Are you a belly breather?

What if I told you that proper breathing can:

  • reduce the chance of you getting injured;
  • help you move more efficiently;
  • reduce your stress levels;
  • relieve headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure and depression;
  • reduce excess bodyfat that is triggered by cortisol production?

Those aren’t just wild claims – the way in which we breathe can have a profound effect on our training and overall health. Breathing, like meditation, helps reduce all the ‘noise’ and can lead to a better lifestyle though calmness and clearheadedness. Think of it as therapy…

Breath practice can be done when you’re doing dishes, walking the dog, sitting at work — almost anywhere.

I cover exactly what to do in this video (watch-time under 10 mins):