Are Smart Watches Going to Make us Stupid?

Smart Watches

Unless you were cut-off from the media, you probably heard that Apple unveiled its much-anticipated Apple Watch at its Spring Forward event recently. More than a mere timepiece, this watch will enable people to pay bills, make phone calls, read emails, control and listen to music, and yes — track activity and exercise.

Sport junkies everywhere are excited for the possibilities and waiting on the development of further apps for the device. But as watches get smarter, are these and other wearable technologies going to make us stupid?

Maybe not in the strict sense. But I do know that technology has a way of cutting us off from the real world. It detracts from the goal of mindfulness — when the focus of your attention is on your own body, thoughts and sensations.

Here are some of the “benefits” you can expect with the wearable technologies like the Apple Watch:

  • You’ll be further entrenched with the technology and brand;
  • It will make you even more obsessive and compulsive;
  • You will be able to better disconnect yourself from your environment and surroundings;
  • You will no longer have to listen to your own body — the device will do it for you;
  • You’ll be better able to share all your workouts on social media, because your friends really want to know how many miles you ran this morning;
  • You can get instant text notifications to further distract you;
  • You’ll be more bionic, furthering your goal of getting away from nature to become a robotic consumer.

OK — I’m obviously being sarcastic and I’m not saying that smart watches can’t have a useful purpose for some of the population. But I suspect that most people who will buy them don’t really need them, and it will likely have a negative effect on their overall health.

Everyone talks about the benefits of taking digital detoxes — weaning yourself off social media, apps and obsessive technologies to reduce stress and reconnect with nature. Why go the opposite direction in everyday life?

Personally, I love my dumb watch. But I’ll leave the smart part to my own brain.






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