Fundamentals of Human Movement


Wow. Getting the chance to train and learn from Coach Steve Maxwell is always a great experience, but his latest certification program (Fundamentals of Human Movement) really exceeded my expectations. If you don’t know Steve Maxwell, you should. He’s been training for over 45 years, and has been a leader in the fields of grappling, kettlebells, wrestling and physical training worldwide. After establishing the first kettlebell gym in the U.S., he now travels the word and shares his knowledge through seminars and certifications in bodyweight conditioning, joint mobility, kettlebells and more.

StrengthBox was proud to host Maxwell for this new cert, which focused on the evolution of human movement and physical training. Steve did a splendid job of covering the history of fitness — from military training for ancient warfare, to bodybuilding and the current obsession with functional cross-training. With his years of experience, Maxwell was able to cut through the myths and confusion that typify the fitness world, and he did it honestly and practically, not being tied to any one particular banner or brand.

Falling with Control


A great deal of time was spent on breathing techniques, joint mobility, proper execution of the most popular exercises, and even fitness screening and testing. However, the greatest value of the weekend was learning how to construct proper workouts using a framework of natural human movements and what he calls the “pillars” of exercise. This was gold. Anyone who has studied any of Methode Naturelle or its modern interpretation, MovNat, would appreciate how to take some of their skills and wisely apply and program them to build increased strength, agility, flexibility, power and endurance. I’m not aware of anyone else who is doing what Steve has put together — it’s quite unique.

Of course we also had a lot of fun. From learning how to properly fall to playing team-based games, we made fitness playful again. In fact, we laughed a lot. Nevertheless, I have to say I was exhausted after the weekend and quite a few people were nursing a bit of delayed onset muscle soreness the next day!

Daddy Monkey, Baby Monkey

Coaching Each Other


Ever the professional, Maxwell was there to remind us that the course was a certification and there was a pass/fail criteria at the end. I won’t give away too much, except to say that it’s a practical evaluation and similar to the style in which Steve grades his kettlebell certification graduates. Happy to say I passed!

First North American Certified Group


I would highly recommend the Fundamentals of Human Movement Certification to any trainer who is interested in movement, and to any athlete or trainee who really wants to advance with their own programming and training. In fact, I hope the success of this program leads to a future Level 2! Look for other events on the Steve Maxwell Strength & Conditioning website.

Greg Carver
Founder, StrengthBox
Toronto, Canada

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