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“Explore your true nature”. It’s a tag-line that sums up the whole MovNat experience, and the participants at the latest Toronto clinic dove-in to their own MovNat explorations wholeheartedly. The StrengthBox proved to be a great indoor training environment, with its balance beams, climbing platform, logs, precision jump stands and other unique training tools standing in for their natural counterparts. Workshop coach Clifton Harski made use of these elements creatively, and did a bang-up job of conveying the MovNat philosophy and of teaching the fundamental movements.

While MovNat skills are described as primal and intuitive: walking, moving on all fours, balancing, climbing, lifting, carrying, jumping, running, etc. — they don’t necessarily come easily to those of us who have become somewhat disconnected with nature. That’s why getting proper coaching is highly recommended. The clinic participants on Sunday represented a wide-range of fitness backgrounds and abilities, and I think it’s safe to say that everyone, from beginner to seasoned trainer, came away with a lot of knowledge and a solid introduction to the fundamentals. Those who attended are now ready to do some MovNat on their own!

Clifton brings quite a bit to the MovNat table: he’s got a wealth of training experience – both practical and academic, and makes a solid coach. We were proud to host him on his first visit to Canada!

Rain provided some additional context

Learning a New Skill

Climbing progressions

Attempting to 'stick' a jump


Here’s what some participants had to say:

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my first official introduction to MovNat. Clifton was awesome. He was knowledgeable and entertaining but also brought a level of comfort to the whole experience. And since I was asking my body to do things I’ve never attempted or thought possible at my fitness level, feeling comfortable meant I wasn’t afraid to push myself.

That push helped me get over the StrengthBox climbing platform unassisted (something I had never attempted before), balance, walk and squat along an elevated beam without crashing to the floor. I did knee myself in the head while attempting to do a fancy tuck and roll –- not my best moment, but it was all part of the learning curve.

The MovNat clinic was like crossing a 7yr olds’ birthday party with special-ops training. Fun and hardcore. And instead of a loot bag, I walked away with a greater understanding of how my body works, an appreciation for MovNat principles, a plethora of bruises (I call them victory marks) and the simple notion that ‘play matters’.

As I walked home from StrengthBox today, I did something I hadn’t since I was a kid – I walked the whole way along the curb. I hopped over cracks and even tried walking sideways and backwards. It was fun. It was MovNat. And I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

Thank you for this experience. I can’t wait till the next clinic!

Cara Jackson, Toronto

Every fibre of my being is aching this morning. I’ve cancelled my regular workout for today which I rarely do. That (the MovNat clinic) was one of the best experiences of my life. Thanks Greg, and thanks also to Clifton for making it such a challenging and informative day. It was a lot of fun. Amazing!!!

Peter Boterman, Toronto

I participated in the recent one day MovNat clinic with Clif Harski at the StrengthBox, and it was fantastic.  It took some of the principles of natural movement that I have been learning at regular StrengthBox classes, and put them together over the course of the day to give me a fuller tool-kit of mobility and strength concepts that I can bring into my workouts and my everyday life.

MaryAnn Scandiffio, Toronto (Holistic Nutritionist, Owner of Create Vitality)

The One-Day MovNat seminar with Clifton Harski was simply amazing. I think I have enough training ideas for the next five years…

Rich Sciolino, Buffalo (NY) – dedicated MovNat enthusiast

Having heard about MovNat a few months ago, we were really interested in trying one of the workshops.  While hunting and gathering information on the web, we had also read about StrengthBox and really thought that the place was cool.  Being from Montreal, we did not have a chance to try out the place, so when we learned that a MovNat workshop was being held there, we just jumped on the occasion.

It was a great day and MovNat trainer Clifton Harski was really fun to work with.  Clearly passionate about spreading the “MovNat gospel”, he also is an incredible athlete who can show you that being fit is a very wide concept including a large number of skills, and is not just having big arms (although Clif can show you that too).  This workshop makes you rethink the way you train, move, and view fitness in general.  StrengthBox is also a very nice facility — one that allows people to train differently, and most importantly, which is run by people who know better than to just put you on a treadmill for hours.  Although I was only there for a day, we could see that Greg’s view of fitness is really great and we can only wish to find a similar place close to home (or come back to Toronto more often…).

Frank and Louis Racine — Montreal, Quebec

Clearly not a zoo-human

Tag -- Play is Primal

Harder than it looks!

Running Skills and Drills


Look like fun? What are you waiting for? Check out the clinic and retreat options with MovNat and get your training on!!



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  1. Ash says:

    If I’d only known! I’m going to a the five day workshop in June – this would have been a great sneak preview.

  2. Steve Reed says:

    Thanks for the writeup. I’m in the UK, but really like the idea of heading out to Thailand for a 5 day retreat, when funds permit. There are certainly plenty of things one can do to get the gist of a Movnat training session without having to go on a course, a little imagination works wonders. Would be noce to meet Erwan or any of his instructors for some in depth natural movement theories!

  3. alex says:

    great experience !! Bye.

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